Atort Tutorials will be FULL ON NOW!

A lot has happened since this last Atort Tutorial and hard for me to even watch.  No more cold and snow and now here on island for good AND have my beautiful Mother with me as well which makes me smile from the inside out.  Believe strongly enough and it will happen!!!  It is surreal just for me to look at this video and realize how much energy went into getting to where both my Mom and I are at NOW.  It was the furthest thing from easy, but anything worth while takes blood, sweat and tears.  

I am including this video on the launch of my new website so everyone gets a refresher and so you know I am going to pick up where I left off now more situated in my existence and ready to share and give back  and help others spreading the aloha.  Make sure you subscribe on my website for the newsletters and also if you haven't yet subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay completely up to date since this will be a regular thing.  Thanks everyone for the continued support!  







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