Sunrise in Paradise

As I work on this new website launch among many other things I am juggling in life at the moment you always must take time out of the day for yourself.  It is not a selfish thing and should never feel guilty for taking time for YOU it is extremely important and necessary.  And part of how you handle the adversity thrown your way on this journey we all live is by taking time out of the day to feed your soul with beauty.  I did this today by waking up a bit earlier than I would have normally and drove with my cup of coffee to another side of the island.  This space which is Makua Valley is sacred to me and to many Hawaiians and rightfully so.  I was planning on jumping in the water to photograph waves since the surf was up and a swell was hitting hard.  This area didn't catch the wrap of the swell apparently SO much but still had an amazing time in Makua's loving embrace playing in her arms.  As you see in my image it is special and magical and mystical and Hawaii.  Aloha  

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