Ocean's Embrace....words of aloha.

Today was blessed enough to take another breathe and have another day on this beautiful planet.  This post is inspired by yet another friend and brother bonded from time in the water just today Thursday November 19, 2015.  The ocean unites and brings people together and usually some very good kind people living aloha.  It is a powerfully beautiful mana meaning energy in Hawaiian and Mother Ocean is an undeniable energy source for us all and should be appreciated and respected for what she provides.

"Once you've accepted the power of the Sea you will never fear her domain.  Arrogance, ignorance, and egos have no place in the ocean.  Respect will grant you the opportunity to enjoy every part of her beauty and share in her wonders for generations."  ~ Galen Ho.  

As I would say to him here....thank you my bruddah for the inspiration and new friendship and the key to life is to lift each other up and surround yourself by only those positive that do just that.  Aloha

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