Atort's Photo Apps

As many of you may already know I am a BIG advocate of using my iPhone to document life on a daily basis and is an extremely vital photographic tool in my photo arsenal.  I am not going to get into it at length now, but want to share a screenshot of some of my more used apps that I go to on a daily basis.  Snapseed being probably #1 at the moment.  PhotoForge2 was hands down the best photo editing app on the market at one point and then Yahoo bought the company out who created the app and was removed from the app store never to be found again.  It was the closest thing to Photoshop I have ever come across to date and sad that it is gone.  Ok...sorry I had to explain why it was still on my phone and bummed it is gone!  The app "Over" for those who don't know is an amazing and great app to watermark your photos before you share to the world.  Loads of creative and cool fonts to choose from.  Retouch is the baddest retouching app on the market!  Pro HDR is the most wicked HDR app....blah blah we talk more about these soon!  :)  

I want to let you know this blog will be including many tutorials and video tutorials in the upcoming future where I will go into each app and explain workflow, how I use them, creative uses, etc. so stay tuned as it will get good I promise.  Now that I am in Hawaii and where I need to be and getting situated the time has come to allow me the energy needed to do what I have been wanting to do for so long!  I'm stoked and excited to bring you guys some awesome fresh content and stoke you guys out teaching you some new things and in turn you teaching me!  Aloha 


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