Magical Makaha Mom Mana

Magical Makaha Mom Mana. I think I like this one better! Aloha and I know people enjoy the back story so here it goes.
I picked up my Mom today because it's been rainy and grey for the past week or so and Sunshine and blue skies were needed badly on my part and I knew for my Mom as well. AND on a side note I needed to find a place ideally for next month to live because my time is limited where I am staying now and what would appeared to have been the "perfect" place fell through SO I was bummed and stressed to say the least so needed to get away. Trust the flow of the Universe and EVERYTHING happens for a reason right? ? I grabbed my Mom to venture to the best side which is the West side where there is always beauty to behold and talked to a friend that side and said Sun was shining so that was all I needed to hear to trek on.
We drove and endured more traffic than was fun, but could be worse. She notices the beauty now which I am SO happy about and enjoys driving and know this so that makes it better. I always point out beauty and shots I see and rainbows especially along the way. I explain to her exactly to her my vision and why I do what I do because she gets it! I give her that respect and she appreciates it I know. I don't dummy it down or anything...I keep it real like I would anyone. I saw a super low rainbow off in the hills and pointed it out to her. We went down a side street to see if we could get a better view but struck out. No view and rainbow faded away. ALL good....more to come I knew. I explain to her what I see and am looking for and how rainbows form and what to look for. For example that rainbows will always appear opposite of where the Sun is shining. The Sun is the fuel for the rainbows and all that's needed is there to be rain opposite of the Sun. Stuff like that. Also that if you see one and are patient most likely things will come together again to fuel it and appear vibrantly once more.
We continued to drive and got towards Makaha Valley and told her that rainbows form there a lot and have taken my best rainbow shots in this area. I pointed out how over the ocean was super Sunny and opposite mountain side was cloudy with showers coming through the valley....perfect conditions for them! So one was super faint off in the valley and turned down the road. I drove and explained what I was doing. I was looking for a good view and place to shoot and honing in on a shot. Sun started to kick and rain showers were happening and rainbows were forming! I drove to a dead end and had to turn around...drove to another area I knew and then saw a great view and asked her if she could wait a bit for me. She told me to take my time and I ran off into tall grass with my camera in hand. I walked through a bunch of uneven high grass with my slippers and shot what I could with my one Nikon...continuously having to wipe the rain away and shield my camera with my shirt because yes it was raining! When you are in the right place shooting a rainbow in its peak it will be raining! Another fun fact some do not know. So I locked in some shots with that camera and then got back to the car as fast as I could and asked if she was alright. She said yes and I asked if alright to run back for a few. She said take your time. I grabbed a tripod, umbrella, iPhone and some olloclip lenses and a towel this time and ventured back out. Long story shorter at some shots on my iPhone and did a little time-lapse and busted my slipper/shoe so had to hobble back which if you have ever had happen you would understand annoying. Anyway...let me know if these backstories are appreciated! Aloha
And the title came from because it was taken in Makaha Valley which is super sacred place and has a lot of amazing mana...Hawaiian for energy. It's a magical place to say the least! And my Mom was with me so that's the low down. :)

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